Stump grinding services in Lexington, Nicholasville and Versailles Ky

icon - Stump grinding services in Lexington, Nicholasville and Versailles Ky A Professional Tree Service is your all-in-one tree service professional in the Lexington, Nicholasville and Versailles area. One of the more detailed specific services that we offer is stump grinding. Stump grinding is an exacting service that requires years of experience and knowledge to properly perform. There are many factors that we take into account when providing stump grinding services for Lexington, Nicholasville and Versailles area homes and properties.

Location, location, location

When providing professional stump grinding we take into account the location of the stump on your property. Where the stump is located plays largely into our process of grinding. If the stump that needs to be ground is not easily accessible by our transport trailer we will need to move the stump grinder across your property. We take great strides in protecting our customer’s property understanding that the stump grinder weighs in the neighborhood of 3,500 pounds. If the ground between the trailer and the stone is soft, naturally the stump grinder may cause slight damage to the grass or surface. If the stump that needs to be removed is also close to the home or building additional protective measures will be needed to ensure no damage to the structure occurs during the grinding process.

The type of tree and surrounding conditions

The type of tree stump that we will be grinding can tell us a little about the density and potential challenges of a root system. Older oak trees, for example, often have shallow root systems and a large base, but the wood itself is very dense. Taking this and other factors into account allows us to give a proper estimate as to the amount of labor and preparation that will be needed to properly grind and remove the tree stump.

Soil conditions around the tree stump also play into the overall calculation because if the ground is dense and rocky additional preparation may be necessary as to not to damage the stump grinding equipment.

A shocking experience

Proper preparation and inspection is necessary to help ensure that the stump grinding service is performed to perfection. Part of the preparation process is when one of the professionals at A Professional Tree Service serving Lexington, Nicholasville and Versailles visit with the property owner to evaluate the circumstances surrounding the stump grinding. Not knowing about any buried electrical conduit, gas lines, cable lines, telephone wires or other unforeseen buried items can certainly make for an unpleasant circumstance. That is why it is important for the pre-site preparation and inspection to help discover any unforeseen problems before they occur.

When experience counts

There are many stump grinding services in the Lexington, Nicholasville and Versailles areas that simply come out without any pre-site inspection or prep and just start grinding away. Use caution when hiring a service such as this making sure that they have the proper insurance and licenses to protect your property and investment. Much damage can occur, as we have stated, if experience and knowledge are not part of the package when hiring a professional stump grinding service. For over 30 years A Professional Tree Service serving Lexington, Nicholasville and Versailles has set the standard for tree services and outstanding customer service. Because we are licensed, bonded and insured you can have peace of mind with every tree service that we perform.

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