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Are you looking for a reliable and experienced tree service company in Nicholasville, KY?

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Tree service companies are responsible for removing, transplanting, and installing trees and any other woody plants, making them quite essential for homeowners. They also offer other services like pruning, applying fertilizer, monitoring diseases and insects, and trimming. Their maintenance services can either be procured weekly, monthly or yearly by property owners.

Whether you need their services for your business or household, they will carry out the required task. Taking good care of your trees adds value to your property and is also good for the environment.

Tree specialists, also known as arborists, will let you know what kind of trees will thrive in a particular environment and those that will not. They will also ensure that your tree stays healthy and will appropriately shape them. 

Therefore contacting a tree specialist will be the best decision as they will give you their expert advice and render their services to you at a fee. Always ensure you get a tree service company within your area so you can easily contact them if you have any questions or concerns. Below are some of the factors to consider when hiring a local tree service company.

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Hire A Tree Professional With Quality Services In Nicholasville, KY

It would be best to check how long the tree service company you are hiring has been operational for. The longer they have been open, the more experience they will have. It is always easy to work with references. 

For instance, if a friend or a friend of a friend recommends a tree service company to you, you could work with them. This lessens the chance of you getting a shoddy job done.

When you pick a company based on a referral, you have the advantage of checking out the work they have done for the person who has referred the company to you. Always highly consider the references you get for a tree service company and the experience they have.

A Positive Local Nicholasville Reputation Is A Must

Before hiring a tree service company, do some research. It is essential to always do some research before purchasing a product or procuring a service. Check to see if the tree service company you have selected belongs to any credible trade association. It is also advisable to work with a local area company because you will easily find out the reputation they hold in the local community.

If your local community has no tree service company, you can always go online and check the reviews of the company you want to select to do the job. How long the tree service company has been in business also matters, and you may want to check if anyone has made a complaint against them.

Pick a company with many reviews across all forums, especially if the kind of project you are working on is expensive. If you are not satisfied with the reviews you have come across, you could ask the company to reference the clients they have worked with.

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To ensure you are getting the best deal from a tree servicing company, you may want to compare prices. You will not know whether the price you have to pay is reasonable or too high. Therefore, ensure that you get estimates from at least three or four different tree service companies. 

Comparing the different estimates will give you an insight on what price is reasonable. However, you should consider why other company’s prices are higher and check if they are adding an extra service. Call the companies or visit their offices and inquire more about their services.

Let’s talk about the cost. We all love a bargain but sometimes cheap is expensive. When it comes to cost, ensure that the prices are not too exorbitant, but they are also not too cheap. Some tree service companies may have high charges because they have experience and do an excellent job. 

Do not fall victim to this instead settle for a reasonable price that reflects the kind of labour and time that will be taken.

It will help if you are cautious when the price is too low. The only possible reasons anyone would have low prices are because they either have no certifications or insurances, lack experience or they will spend a lot of time on the project and might not complete it.

Average Cost of Tree Services in Nicholasville Kentucky

The average cost of tree removal service in Lexington, Kentucky, is $360. Larger trees can go for $750 or more and smaller trees $160. The pruning and trimming cost is approximately $130, and protecting them from diseases averagely costs $52. You can, however, contact a tree service company and request for an estimate.


There are various other factors that you have to consider when hiring a tree service company. Do not always dwell on the pricing. You may consider some other factors, including the knowledge, professionalism, presentation, and service that a company offers when you contact them. 

Their customer service will tell you a lot about them and the kind of relationship you will have when working together. Whatever you do, ensure you only work with a company that is proved to be legitimate and offers excellent services.

Look For A Reputable Tree Company Before Making Any Decisions?

It is important that you really consider and follow the information above and do your due diligence. Remember we are here to help with no heavy sales pressure. Just pure knowledge and experience to help guide you in the right direction.

We always encourage homeowners and commercial property owners to ask very detailed questions and ask for references.

Our company takes pride in being expert tree professionals in Nicholasville Kentucky and we care for our community. If you are in need of any services that we can help with feel free to pick up that phone or fill out the quick free request estimate form above.

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